Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bonjour Paris: Day Two - Museum de Louvre and Notre Dame

Welcome to Day 2 of Paris!

We took a stroll along the Seine River to a small little place known as Notre Dame. Small? There is absolutely NOTHING small about this unbelievably gorgeous structure. It is simply massive. The cathedral was stunning from the moment you walked in the doors.

Welcome to Notre Dame:

A service started while we were touring the building and I happened to be right along the edge of the pews. It was quite interesting to see a service going on while hundreds of people were walking around snapping photos of their favorite part of the building.

On our way back we walked across a bridge that was covered in locks. I still haven't looked up the story behind the locks but is was a definitely an interesting sight to see. Thousands and thousands of locks scattered across the fence:

Heading back for a bite to eat, we stopped by the Louvre. The museum was closed by we were still able to walk around this well known landmark for some photo opportunities.

Next up... Night Shooting in Paris! (photography related of course!)


  1. The picture of Tommie would have been more believable had he been wearing a dirty ripped up shirt! Love the photographs Leslie!