Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Au Revoir: Paris at Night... Our Last Night

We went out for a little night shooting the last night we were in Paris. It was breathtaking. I'm not a low-light/long exposure/night shooting type but this has encouraged me to branch out of my photography comfort zone and I like it!

These particular ones were taken at an amazing and very touching location. This artist built this exhibit to honor the men and women of the Holocaust. Each pillar is the exact same height but were buried staggered to honor those killed from the children/young (lowest pillars) all the way to the survivors (tallest ones). I was so honored to shoot these and they will forever hold a piece in my heart. It was touching. Very touching.

Some fun light scribing. Tommie wrote this backwards and I timed it with a 15 second exposure. Pretty cool, huh?!?!

And the Louvre at night:

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  1. It must take your breath away being there! Pics are beautiful!!!!