Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering 2010... A Year of Pictures

I did it! I managed to keep up with my blog and post a photo and entry a day for an entire year. I missed a handful of days here and there but for the most part... I DID IT! It was a great experience and a fantastic way to keep my family and friends posted on our life... as CRAZY as it can be!

I want to thank everyone who showed an interest in "staying tuned" and keeping me motivated along the way. It really helped knowing that there were people out there that were really interested in what I had to say and the photos that I had taken. I can't thank you enough.

This project was incredibly rewarding. I was not only able to see the growth in my own family but also in my photography skills. Boy have I come a long way. This last post will validate the statement "practice makes perfect" (although I'm far from perfect... but you know what I mean)!

Click here to view my very FIRST post and my LAST.

January - March: What a learning curve. I started shooting in FULL manual mode and you can tell! I must say it was a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Remember this, do that, check this, don't forget that... OH and this too. OVER and OVER and OVER. I just couldn't get everything right but there were a few things that worked in my favor. I noticed while my exposure was all over the board I was fairly consistent in nailing focus more than 50% of the time. A few reminders of how I shot in those months:

First shots outside... my white balance was HORRID and my poor baby looks like a ghost!

April - June: I started to understand the photographic triangle a little better. My exposure was getting there but my composition skills still needed work. I started "getting" it by the end of this quarter.

I got my new camera and lens in June and I started shooting much better outdoors. Still struggled with post processing and really trying to make my photos as "clean" as possible.

July - September: Now we're getting there. Focus, exposure, composition are all starting to click. I started "finding" the light and producing MUCH better SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots that required a lot less post processing. My gear started to feel like an extension of my body. :)

October - December: I really start to hit my stride. I started to understand EVERYTHING together. Exposure, composition, focus, and post processing just got better. Things started to feel natural and I was relying A LOT less on my meter. Choosing the appropriate settings based on my lighting conditions became second nature.

So there you have it. My progress through 2010. What will 2011 have in store for me????

Thanks again for letting me share. I've really enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to the new year.


  1. Outstanding job!!!!!!! Great year!!! We are looking forward to the next year of photo's. Love to you all!

  2. I love these year end posts, so cool to see shots that *I remember* from earlier in the year. =D