Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Time No See

Great friends of ours moved a couple years ago and we haven't seen them for quite some time. We drove up to visit them this morning and I couldn't resist taking out my camera. Their kids are simply gorgeous and getting so big. I swear they've grown at least a foot since the last time we've seen them.

Their beautiful 5 year old hammed it up for the camera. It couldn't have been easier to catch at least one smile from her.

It looks like her baby sister will follow in her shoes. She's only 5 months old but a champ at cheesing for the camera.

Their brother... well he was a different story. He wanted NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to do with the camera or me! Even when mom stepped in with a tickle or two!

And then there was Neil with my girls. They LOVE him!

We had a wonderful time! Thanks for having us over!!!

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