Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Photo Swap

I met up with a local photographer/hobbiest this morning so we could do a little family photo swap.  99.9% of our pictures are missing US so we wanted to grab a few of each other and our families while it was still nice out.  Unfortunately, it has been raining like cats and dogs here and it left us walking through cold soggy wet grass this morning.  We survived and still managed to pull away with some great photos. 

Tonights photos will be for her family and I will work on processing more tomorrow of our family.

Thanks again Gina! 


And one of the girls together!  They were so cute.


  1. Great shots! Gina agreed to do a photo swap with us too! haha I really wanted to get some of my family together- the last photo swap I did was a big fat FAIL! I was so disappointed! (mainly because the girl really had no idea how to use her camera and shot in some mode that had the ss at like 1/20 the whole time!!) Anyways, you got some beautiful shots! Maybe one day we'll get to meet up! I'd love for Kensley & Piper to get to play together- and the little girls would have fun too :)

  2. Very nice! Love you all.

  3. Leslie these are amazing!! Thank you so much, we had such a great time!