Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Day At A Time

Today was better than yesterday and I managed to stay the ENTIRE day at work!!  That could have been because I had Yoga right afterwards but that's ok.  Today was a good day... for me, for the girls, for our family!

I didn't realize just how much work goes into getting everyone ready for the next day. Washing bottles, filling bottles, making lunches, packing lunches, cooking dinner, eating dinner, taking baths, reading books, and on and on.  It is a whirlwind in here from the time we get home to the time our heads hit the pillow!  I'm hoping that routine gets better and easier too because right now my head is still spinning and unfortunately I didn't have a single second to take a photo.

So, for now and until I can adjust to the new schedule, my goal will be to take at least one photo everyday but I may not be able to blog it everyday.  It will get blogged but there may be delays here and there until I can get into the swing of things.  I need to be realistic and just take one day at a time!

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  1. It will get easier. Just takes a little time. Love to all of you, mom