Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tutu's are what little girls are made of....

and London prefers to wear her's on her head.

She found her tutu and wouldn't let me put it on.  Miss little independent had it on her head, with one leg in and one leg out, on an arm, around her neck... everywhere but her waist.  That's okay.  I enjoy watching her discover new things everyday and she enjoys trying to figure things out.  When she finally did she took notice to another facinating thing, dust!  Not so much fun for mommy to clean but captivating for a little girl trying to catch it in the sunlight!


  1. HAHAHA so funny! What a doll <3

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  4. Dust dancing in a shining beam
    Toddler tot targets what it seems
    Mommy shoots she's not in bed
    Marking time 'till babies head
    Comes out to wonder where am I
    I'm alive scream tells no lie
    Inflated lungs she has no fear, asks
    Who, do tell, has brought me here?
    My Mommy. My Daddy.
    Where's my big sister?
    Have you wondered where I've been?