Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013: Here We Come

As you could tell, my blog and photography hobby took a backset to running last year.  I still captured everyday life with the girls and our family but just haven't stayed on top of publishing my photos to the blog.  I'm going to try to balance everything this year and get at least one update on the blog each week. I'm going to TRY very hard!!  

So, in an attempt to start this off on the right foot... I've posted a few photos from the start of our Disney World 2013 vacation.  We decided to come because this was my final goal in my running journey from last year... to complete a marathon (26.2 miles)!  We decided to make it a family affair and signed the girls up for their very own races.  

Piper took off on her 100m dash.  She was doing so well, which was a surprise to us because she isn't the most graceful little girl around.  Just as she reached the finish line, literally maybe only 5 steps, she took a nose dive into the ground.  Luckily, Mickey was there to brush her off and greet her with a huge kiss on the forehead!

Then it was London's turn.... she ran one back in the fall and did fantastic so I thought why not sign her up for the Mickey mile.  0.16 miles into the race she turns to me and says "I'm tired... where is my medal?!?!?"  This was NOT starting off well.  I gave her incentives along the way (sips of Vitamin water) and she finally crossed that finish line with a HUGE smile on her face.  

All in all... Race Day #1 was a great day!  

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