Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunflowers Anyone?!?!

We took the girls to a local sunflower garden this weekend to cut fresh flowers and to take some photos since I haven't had much time to keep up lately.  We are headed into cooler weather now but I thought I would still take a chance and hope there were enough to make it worth while.  Boy was I in for a surprise after pulling up to the owner's home.

He had bunnies, chickens, bee hives for honey making and not only a few rows of sunflowers but wild flowers too!  It was gorgeous and went perfectly with the girls attire. On top of all that, the girls had a blast and we brought home a beautiful bouquet!  Enjoy :)

And no... I could just pick a few!  



  1. Now that looks like a fun and relaxing time. Hello to my beautiful girls and Tommie too!

  2. Those are amazing photos Leslie :) I love the one of Piper smelling the sunflower <3 So precious!