Sunday, May 6, 2012

13.1 Miles Down... 26.2 to go!!

Today I accomplished another major running goal of mine, conquering a half marathon!  It was no small feat either.  I felt strong and very confident going into today's race.  I've been training since December and even ran one during my training with no problem.  Again, today was a different story.  

I was NOT prepared for the number of hills I ran today.  I had a goal to break 2 hours but this course had something else in mind for me... 2 hours and 4 minutes.  Not what I wanted but certainly NOTHING to be disappointed about!!  I'm pretty proud of my time, my body and more importantly my mind! There were several, and let me reiterate that again... SEVERAL times that I honestly didn't think I was going to make it.  But there were even more times that I told myself that I WILL and I DID !!!

I'm not sure I will run that course again anytime soon.  It was a tough one but I finished and can strike one more goal off of my list. 

Next up... 26.2 miles in 2013.  I'm coming to get you my friend!

All of these shots were taken by my number one fan and supporter... my husband :)  He even registered London for her first race at the very last minute.  To say she was excited would be an understatement!!! 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support and encourage me to reach my goals.  It wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you!!  A special thanks to my best friend who started me down this road.  I would still be creating excuses today NOT to run if it weren't for her.  Love you Randi!!


  1. you are SO awesome and the fact that you did it in just a tiny bit over 2 hours is incredible.

  2. YOU ROCK GIRLS!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome job little sister!!! Im proud of you :))

  4. Leslie! What an accomplishment! And you look like GREAT post-run! ;) Congrats on all the hard work and dedication!