Saturday, April 7, 2012

10 Miles Down... 13.1 Up Next!

I ran my first race last Sunday.  16 weeks ago my best friend called me up and asked to run in a race with her.  After years of excuses, I caved and it was just a matter of time that I started to love running.  I trained for 16 weeks and remember the first few runs, I thought I was going to die!  3 miles felt sooooo long and draining, then it turned into 4, 5, 6, and before I knew it I was running 10 and feeling great!  

I absolutely love running now.  So much so, that even bronchitis and an ear infection couldn't hold me back from running my first race.  May have been a stupid decision in hindsight but at the time I did what I wanted to do, what I trained so hard for, and that was to run the race under 90 minutes.  My official posted time for the race was 90 minutes and it felt great.  

Tommie and the girls were right there by my side for my very first race.  He even caught a few as I ran through the finish line.  

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