Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunny Days...Sweepin' the Clouds Away! Happy Birthday Piper!

Oh it feels sooooo good to blog again!  It's been far too long and I needed this.  What better to blog about than Piper's 2nd birthday party.  Yes, you heard me correctly... her 2nd birthday party!

Between starting a new job, training for a 10 mile race, being a mom, wife, nurse, teacher, cook, and everything else under the sun, I NEEDED to do this for FUN!  Well, the fun stopped a week before her party when I literally stayed up every night creating and preparing everything you are about to see.

I often sit back and ask myself "what was I thinking"... let me tell you.  The feeling that I get when I see my children filled with pure joy and happiness, surrounded by their family and friends who are equally happy, is worth EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY that I spent on her 3 hour party!

So, here we go.  First off was the entry.  The sesame street sign that London's teacher lent us and Big Bird's footprints:

Then, the decorations and food!  I'm so proud of myself.  I know that sounds conceded but I really am.  I worked so hard on everything.  I created the signs, made and decorated all the food, cake, and cake pops, and pulled it all together with Tommie's help.

Then all the kiddos headed down stairs to play the games that I created, "Count with the Count" where the kids would count the objects on each card, flip it, and reveal the number, "Oscar's Trash Toss" where the kids would toss trash in Oscar's pail, and "Ernie's Rubber Ducky Pond" where they would turn over the ducks to find the one with the star (all of them had a star so everyone was a winner)!  It was sooo much fun and I have about 100 more photos of the actual fun they had but still need to make my way through those photos.

Then, the gift bags (which I forgot to grab a photo of) were stuffed with their prizes from the game, tied with an Elmo balloon and they grabbed a cookie with a "P" for Piper thank you card attached.

I can't thank our family and friends enough for celebrating with us and/or sending your kind words through phone conversations, email, facebook, etc.  It was a truly special day for our baby girl that is growing TOOOOOO fast!

Finally, a cute little peek-a-boo series of Piper's excitement:

I'm incredibly thankful to a good friend of mine, GINA :), who came to the rescue and captured all the fun the kids had downstairs, and when Piper blew out her candle.  I was so busy having fun with everyone that I didn't even think about my camera (GASP... I know!)  I was so thankful to see her come up the stairs, grab my camera, and shoot several photos of this event.  I didn't even ask and she just instinctually knew that I would want those memories.  I am very grateful GINA!!!  Thank you so so so much :)  And all of those photos will be another post :)  Let's just say I have A LOT to go through!

So, thank you again!!!!  It was a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday Piper!!!!!!!!!
    What a fun time!!!!!

  2. WOW that looks amazing! Way to go :) Im glad the kids had so much fun!!!!

  3. You did an amazing job with the party! Taking pictures was the least I could do :)