Monday, December 19, 2011

ALL ABOARD... the North Pole Express!

We took the girls to visit Santa at the North Pole this weekend. There's a train about 2 hours away that resembles the one in the movie Polar Express that rides out to the North Pole to visit Santa ever so often. We booked it and prepared the girls.

To say they were excited would be a HUGE understatement. In fact, Piper was so excited I could barely restrain her in the train for the 1 hour trip to the North Pole. It was really tough getting good photos so I did what I could and enjoyed my girls instead. 

I loved the part when the train approached the station and the train from the outside in general. I didn't like the fact that it had a filthy interior (I might be slightly OCD about dirt and germs with the girls). So after much anxiety we finally reached the station to a jolly old fat Santa. Tommie surprised the girls by giving Mrs. Santa a Cookie Monster and an Abby Cadabby to give them when they were done with the photo, something they have been asking for for the past 2 weeks. They could barely contain their excitement. 

I tell you... this is what life is about! I can't explain the pure happiness and love that I felt when I saw how excited they were. It was awesome! They were completely tuckered out by the end (notice the huge bags under their eyes) but were troopers for making it as long as they did. 

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  1. These are just unbelievably magical! What a great idea!