Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hershey Park 2011

We had our annual trip to Hershey Park this past weekend!  Each year gets better and better.  The girls get taller therefore they can ride more and we can sit back and watch them smile.  I must say though, I'm afraid that London may be a thrill seeker once she gets older.  She wanted to try everything, including putting her hands up in the air as we rode the roller coasters.  The girl has no fear!

As with every year, we went with our great friends, The Cooper and the O'Baker family.  Unfortunately, we missed the Turkel Family this year but we look forward to going with them next year!  Aunt Tina and Dilana joined the fun this year and although I didn't get many photos of them, they were there and they had an awesome time too!  Thank you to everyone for making this another wonderful visit to Hershey Park!!!

P.S.  When you work your way down, don't get too startled by Piper... she was screaming "Choo-Choo" on the train ride we went on.  HILARIOUS!!!


  1. You are right about them gettng bigger! They seeemed to have a good time!Love it!

  2. Looks fun and everyone wearing bright colors!!! Seriously though....PIpers face is priceless LMAO