Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been a while....

I feel like we have been running a mile a minute with no end in site! It has been incredibly busy around this house lately.

I gave the laundry room a facelift, built a table for the girls playroom, finished up a few basement doors (yes... we still have minor items left in the basement), built book shelves for the girls bedroom, had 5 yards of dirt delivered to fill holes in the yard, had 3 yards of stone delivered to replenish our garden and trees, installed a vanity in the basement bathroom, installed shelving in the basement bathroom, fixed our master bathroom tile, and I'm cooking, cleaning, being a MOM and trying to be a good WIFE ALL.THE.TIME....

THE LIST NEVER ENDS! Phew... now onto my post for the day!

We walk every night with the girls and last night London brought along a special guest... meet MR.CRICKET! She was so thrilled to have found and caught this cricket you would have thought she won the lottery. It nearly broke my heart when I had to tell her that he couldn't come inside to eat and sleep with her because he had to be free outside with his cricket friends. Her response, get ready for it...

"But mom... he is my best friend and he just loves me! Anddddd, I love him."

Now, how do you go to battle with that!?!?!? Anyway, we had some fun and set him free before getting ready for bedtime.

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