Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding the Light

Every once in a while I get asked "how do you capture your girls eyes so well in your photos". To which my response typically is "it's all about finding "the light" ". When you find that sweet spot where the light hits the eye just right that's when you want your finger to snap away! To me, its the number one technique to master when shooting. Without the right light, your photo may lack the "umpf" it deserves.

I've been working pretty hard to capture the right light with portraits and really haven't given much thought about applying those same techniques to macros/still life. That changed a couple days ago. I was sitting in my yard when I started to see my garden (or lack there of) in a different light. I ran in to grab my camera (because believe it or not... its not attached to my body 24x7)!

Here is what I saw... just as I remember it:

Thanks for letting me share!

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