Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where's London... WHERE IS LONDON?

Many of you know that Tommie and I have been working incredibly hard finishing our basement. We spent the last 3 months working almost every night after the girls went to bed and just about each weekend doing something down there. Well, a few nights ago we were done there and about 2 hours later I look at the baby monitor and I notice London isn't in her bed (after looking several times previously). I came upstairs and peeked in her room and London wasn't there. So, I came down stairs and started looking. I didn't have to go very far after looking in her FAVORITE hiding location.... under the dining room table.

Sleepy girl. Sorry for the VERY grainy photos. I put one of the side lights on so I didn't wake her. These were shot in nearly pitch black lighting without a flash.

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