Monday, April 11, 2011

Its GAME Time..

And you better watch out because she has a killer game face!

We took the girls to Dave & Busters this past weekend. That place is beyond overwhelming but IT WAS ON once we managed the crowd and got to the games that London could actually play. She had so much fun!

I managed to get one picture of her but that was because she wanted to do what her big sister was doing.

We took them in the mall first for a nice little train ride. Piper really enjoyed it. It was entirely too busy in the game room to let Piper do anything other than watch London.


  1. That looks like fun!

  2. We took our teenage nieces to Dave & Busters this past weekend! It's such a fun atmosphere and they have great food too! Looks like London had a great time playing the games and Piper watching her!