Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project Edition: Basement

Another passion/hobby of mine (and my husband) is doing projects around our house. Of course for every one project taken off the list another 5 are added but hey... that's just part of owning a home! Anyway, we've done a handful of big projects but this one is the biggest yet. Tommie has been working incredibly hard to finish our basement. He started in Nov. 2009 when my nephew came into town to help with framing. Then we had Piper. That took a lot of time away from projects, including the basement but eventually Tommie made his way back down there to wrap things up. Finally, one day he came up and said we are 99% done. MUSIC to my ears!

So, these are a little outdated because the drywall is now up and painted (photos to come in a separate post) but these were taken just prior to the drywall going up.

So, that is how everything looked prior to the drywall going up. The next project edition will be what it looks like with drywall up and now painted!!! Stay tuned.

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