Sunday, February 27, 2011

13 Months Old

Piper was excited to sit on her stool for her 13 month pictures today. What a goofy little girl... wonder where she gets that from?!?!

She is getting so big. She is extremely talkative and is now up to 10 words: dog, utt oh, dada, mama, buh bye, hi, keys (she says zzzz's but I'll count it anyway), up, down (she says ddddd), and thank you (cutest of them all because she'll say it after you give her something). She's starting to learn her body parts too. She now knows where someone else's nose is and where her eyes are.

Walking has been an adventure. She moves faster than her feet so she hasn't taken more than 5 steps on her own yet but has a solid 5 steps by herself. Once she gets to that 5th step she tries to take off and usually falls straight on her belly. We are trying to teach her how to move "slowly" but that's turning out to be impossible. She rather run and will probably take off running one of these days.

All in all... she's our happy little clam most of the time. I just can't leave the room very often. Saying she's attached to me right now would be an understatement!


  1. Watch out world when she does take off!!!

  2. She's so pretty!!