Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Cards

Each year we get a handful of holiday cards and each year I struggle trying to figure out where to put them. I mean, so much thought and money goes into them that they shouldn't just be tossed into the garbage. As each year passes I still manage to pile them up, rotate them on and off the refrigerator and inevitably they get thrown away at some point.

I decided to be "crafty" this year. I wanted to make something that could display the cards yet fit in with the holiday decor. So, London and I went SHOPPING. London actually spawned my entire idea by running down an aisle after her "cone" she said?!?! I didn't know what she saw but I followed her.

At that moment, I had an idea. What if I could make a christmas tree card holder or something of the like? Anyway, some spray paint and a few sprigs of colorful filler later we have a card tree and there is room for more....

(The cone spray painted metallic gold.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this years christmas card tree! Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Excellent Idea!! Looks great :))

  2. Yeah, saw my bean make an appearance there on the tree!