Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 60th Pop Pop!

Tommie took London out on a cruise to celebrate "Pop-Pop's" 60th birthday this afternoon!! And since I can't stomach the idea of being on a boat Piper and I decided to have a potluck lunch with some close girlfriends of ours. We met up afterwards where London enjoyed some time swinging and playing at the park.  It was a great day!

Trying to get our girls together for a picture was next to impossible.  Once one started to squirm they all wanted to squirm, once one started to cry they all started to cry.  Miss Piper couldn't part with the lens cap and Maia just wanted her mama!

Starting us off with some birthday cake!

And time to burn some energy:

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  1. I know what to get Piper for X-mas! The three of them could cause trouble! And then there is London, the head cheese! Love it! Happy Birthday Tommie's dad!!