Sunday, August 1, 2010

Really?!?! Come on...

She's giving us a run for our money!  This little girl just doesn't stop.  I went to grab my camera because Piper was standing on her knees and as I am taking my lens cap off I look up and see this:

REALLY?!?!?  Is she really supposed to be pulling herself up and standing already?!?!  She was a little bit wobbly and tumbled shortly after I took this but she was standing there for a good minute or two.  She was even taking steps while holding Tommie's fingers this afternoon.  Pretty good ones at that.  Oh... and its a one handed stand at that!  She's sooo tiny it looks silly!  My silly Piper.  Look at her go!


  1. Watch Out!!! Here comes Piper! Ya better get out of her way! Love you all.

  2. Oh man!! It's like Bennie. Walking EARLY!!!!

  3. She is going to be running around before you know it!