Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Port Discovery

I forgot to post about our visit to Port Disovery with everything that was going on this past weekend.  Anyway, we went there for the first time with the girls (primarily for London of course) and she had a lot of fun.  There was so much for her to do there and she was just in and out, up and down, and round and round.

This structure was just outside of the building.  I really like the color and texture.

Starting off in the art room making a fan.... only to be destroyed a few minutes later.

In the play kitchen making dad a smoothie like we do at home from time to time.

OH.... this one was funny.  We were in this maze with random things and I asked London what was wrong with this room.  She runs over ands yells "the potty is falling!!!!"  It was great!

Then, a little girl was crying because her dad asked her to get out of the bouncy room.  London was making this face as she watched this little one melt down. 

A fun tubular bridge.

And one last one before we hit the road.  She would NOT let us take the wrist band off.  She wore it all day as her "braclet".

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