Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pipers First Sick Visit to the Doctors

And it was a complete fluke!  Her school called us to let us know that she had been pulling on her ears and slightly fussy.  She also had some spit-up (which she rarely does) and they weren't sure if she had thrown up or just spit up from chewing on her fingers (she is also teething something fierce).  Anyway, just to be safe we picked her up and took her to the pediatrician. 

This is how she was when we got there.   I'm thinking some one pulled a fast one on us and just wanted to be home with me for the next day and a half.  What do you think???

(Sorry for the quality.  This was with my camera phone!)

And about two minutes later she was eating the paper!!!  The doc said she was 100% healthy.  No fever, no ear infection, no nothing....
Better safe than sorry.  My little peanut.


  1. teething does that. Piper just wanted to play around. Silly girl!

  2. My oldest always pulled on her ears when teething. I must have taken her to the docs 3 times the first year. They thought I was crazy.