Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miss Independent

That's the theme of the month.  It's all about London and what SHE can do by herself.

London: Mommy, milk please.
Me: Ok. Let me get it.
London: No mommy.  I get it. (Marches over to the fridge, opens the door, pulls out the gallon of milk and sets it on the ground.
Me: Let me help you please.
London. No mommy.  I get it.
Me: No really.
London: I said I get it mommy!  (As she twists the top off and you can only imagine what happens next....)
Me: London, it's too heavy.  I will get it.
London: No you get my cup!!

And on and on and on... I tell you she is something else!

We went on a walk and she had to be in Piper's stroller (although to her defense it was hers at one point).  She just cheezzzzzed the whole way.

And Miss Piper Bean (so serious... it was time for cereal and bed. She means business when it's time to eat and sleep!!):

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  1. Cutie pies, even Miss Serious :) Love them so much!