Saturday, August 21, 2010

Child Overboard!!!

Another favorite saying of the month....  "Look at ME!"

Usually I turn around to see London jumping off of something, trying to do the splits, standing on her head, or yes... running around naked!  Today she found a life jacket (floatie) and decided she was makng a fashion statement.  Life jacket and a pair of pants.  That's all a girl needs right?!?!  

Oh, and a cup of crayons!

Then... all I wanted was a smile and for her to look at the camera.  I said "your eyes are beautiful London" and she said, "yesssssss".

There's never a dull moment with her!  I love my little girl.


  1. Aweeeeeeee big eyes <3

  2. You are such an amazing Mom...I love to follow your journey. The photos you capture are amazing and you will look back on this and be so glad you captured these memories.