Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miss Maia Turned 5 Months Old!!

Here is little miss sunshine herself!  A whopping 5 months old and getting so big and strong.  She is simply gorgeous!!!!  Randi and Harel will have their hands full for sure.  :-)

{This one is slightly out of focus but I had to post it because it was the only one where she was smiling.  I will catch an in focus smile soon!!!}

Little Mish Mish was tired at this point and I'm pretty sure she just wanted me out of her face!

LOVE YOU MAIA!!!!  Hope you like the photos Randi and Harel.


  1. She is so pretty. My daughter has the same outfit but in magenta! I love the little flower on it.

  2. She's adorable :) Glad yall had a great day!!