Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tina, Dilana, London, Piper and I decided to go to a neat little place at one of our libraries today called Storyville.  It was so much fun watching them interact and play at each station.  London had a blast there and I can't wait to take her back with her Daddy. 

Starting off with a very colorful street sign directing all of the madness!

Grocery Store:

Miss Cashier ringing up my bananas:

Whose got mail?!?!

London will deliver it from the Post Office:

Checking out the neighborhood Library:

Super excited to find some music instruments:

She really loved the Kitchen set-up!

This picture says it all!  She had so much fun and we will definitely go back!


  1. Looks like SO much fun!!!

  2. This looks 'soooo fun' as Sebe would say... where is it?

  3. We love Storyville!! Cute pictures!