Sunday, April 11, 2010


Or not.  I attempted to take photos of London playing with her bubbles this afternoon.  That didn't go as planned (does anything go as planned with kids anyway?!?!).  It was really hard keeping her close, blowing the bubbles, grabbing the camera, and adjusting the settings BEFORE they actually popped!  IMPOSSIBLE I tell you!  She had a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching her run around trying to catch them. 


  1. I love the last one! There was suggestion on a bubble gun the other day.... I think I may try to pick one up. That way you can have the camera in hand and just point & shoot the gun.... it may take some getting use to, but surely it's easier than doing the old school bubbles! :) I enjoy looking at your pictures- your daughters are gorgeous!!!

  2. Get this!

    Our kids love it and it will blow tons of bubbles while you shoot!