Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Girl is Turning TWO!

Like I said in the post below, we celebrated London's 2nd birthday today.  It was a blast and we had a TON of fun with all of her friends and family.  It really was a great time and she was so thrilled from the fish cake, to swimming, to decorating pails and playing with all her friends.  She was one tired puppy tonight!

Setting up the art table.  We had pails (to be decorated by the kids), shovels, balloons, beach ball, bubbles, snacks, and coloring books for all the children to take home.  I really think they enjoyed them!

The guest of honor arriving early and being silly of course!

Getting her suit on and ready to swim!

SWIM TIME with daddy-o!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Time for some cake... eyeing it up!

Kissing everyone goodbye with her cake face!  She had a blast :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday London!!! Now that looks like fun!!! Love to you, GanMa