Friday, March 26, 2010

2 months old!

Piper is getting so big.  She is now holding her upper body up nice and strong.  She smiles, laughs, and coos all the time.  She has been spoiling us with sleep for the last 2 weeks so hopefully she'll keep that up (very selfish of me)! I was only able to get a few pictures of her today.  Big sis wasn't having it (as you can see below). 

London was NOT happy with me taking Piper's picture today.  NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!


  1. Awww...wittles, don't be sad :c(

  2. Piper still has those little dimples when she smiles. Cute! Oh, sharing in not fun at times London! Love to all,mom

  3. London Paige!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh the last one should be titled "That's MY lime light Piper!!"