Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it Valentine's Day?!?!?!

No, not yet but that doesn't stop me from shooting pictures as if it were v-day.  I purchased new seamless paper as a backdrop and wanted to test it out.  I got everything set up and ready to go but London wasn't having it!  She was NOT in the mood be mommy's model so I'll try again another day.  For now, I'll leave you with a couple out takes starting with the one that dipicts how she really felt:


  1. yeah, the "planned" photo shoots never seem to go well for me either. your daughter is so gosh darn cute though! ;-)

  2. this look my granddaughter has doesn't look like one that says i can't have what i want. it's a sadder look than that. more of a look of sorrow that says, oh my, that is so sad. it's an empathetic look of a child affected by what she's seen. it's a look of maturity the look of a little girl much older than the one pictured here who is my granddaughter.