Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Celebration Dinner

A few of my close girl friends planned a nice dinner to get me out of the house (and off this bed) to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our new baby girl!  After 9 months of not having a single glass of wine I thought I would snap a picture of what I'll be having shortly after the baby arrives... a white wine sangria!!! 

I want to thank all of the ladies for coming out and celebrating this joyous time with me.  I really appreciated seeing everyone.


  1. a wine glass as
    dainty as the drinker
    no doubt
    ice cold fruit wine
    tinkles as it sinks
    where I think
    I'll join ya
    in a minute or two
    drink to me ladies
    the baby's almost here
    drink to me ladies
    have a glass of cheer!